Finding & Fulfilling Your Purpose

There was a time when our family acquired a new dog.

After my wife and daughter went to bed that night I had a heart-to-heart with my daughter’s new dog. She is a black Sharpei, very sweet natured towards the family, but already extremely protective of her new master. In our little chat I told her how happy I was that she was learning how to operate within her purpose. I then reminded her that her sole purpose for living and the reason she has been placed in our home to become part of our family is to faithfully love, serve, obey and protect my daughter as long as she lives with ultimate loyalty. That’s it! Pretty simple. She looked at me as though she understood… Ok maybe not really, but she will understand as she grows and I guide her in this direction. When her life is through she will have completed her purpose and used wisely the life she had been given to make a difference, not just for anyone, but specifically and solely for her master.

Before our conversation was over I knew that the Lord was knocking on my heart and asking me to recite those words back to myself. As I did I was overwhelmed with His tenderness toward me and His longing desire for me to see my purpose. I thought to myself, “If I could only follow my own advice.” If I did I knew that I too would be able to lay my head down one final time and look into the eyes of my Saviour knowing I have completed my purpose and used wisely the life I had been given to make a difference for my Master by fulfilling the desire of His heart to call the world back to God by sharing the Gospel of Christ.

Dear Jesus, may I fulfill my life’s purpose and be as faithful and Supremely loyal to You my King as I am requiring of my daughter’s new guardian to be to her.

In the Grace of Jesus,
-Rob Kee

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