Memorial Day Reflections

Driving my little ’99 Nissan, that just turned 207,000 miles, through town meet my family at one of our local restaurants to enjoy a good all-American hamburger and homemade potato chips. We looked forward to planning our evening celebration with family and friends remembering those who paid the ultimate price for us to enjoy the blessings we are made so keenly aware of at this time every year.
To those who were able to take the time to acknowledge the sacrifices this day represents, I join you in collectively thanking our fallen soldiers and their families for the freedoms that were afforded to us because of their great loss. May God bless, keep and comfort you all!
To those who were unable to acknowledge this day due to being burdened down by the weight of the regular routine, the personal issues that are taking them to the edge of what may seem like a hopeless abyss, I pray God’s peace in the midst of your storm that you may see your situation from His perspective and rest in the confidence that our freedoms are ultimately a gift from Him and are, in hindsight, bigger than the problems you are facing today.
To everyone, I pray your Memorial Day was blessed and your time with family and friends will encourage your resolve to stay the course and finish your race.
God bless you and God bless America!
Rob Kee

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