Motherhood, a fundamental key in fixing the broken family

The book of Genesis tells us that God created humans in His image as reflected in a male and a female.

When God created Eve from out of Adam’s side, it was more than just making another human being.

He imparted to her the portion of His own attributes that would compliment those He had already given to the man.

Among them He imparted the caring, nurturing, and mothering part of His nature to Eve and to every woman since.

Mother’s play a crucial role in the security and development of the human race and the foundation of the family unit.

The role of motherhood is irreplaceable, necessary, yet greatly undervalued in our Westernized culture.

You are a great influence to those around you who need your nurture, care and strength. Remember the greatest contribution you can make to the world is sharing those special attributes that God has given just to you.

Happy Mother’s Day, God bless and thanks for everything you do!

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